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Zoning Ordinance

On May 28, 2019, the County Council enacted

Bill 1411 (click for link to bill as enacted)

A Bill to address remaining comments and conditions of approval imposed by the Maryland Critical Area Commission (The "Commission") for Talbot County Bills 1376 and 1401 by amending certain Critical Area provisions in Chapter 190 of the Talbot County Code (The "Zoning Ordinance") related to growth allocation, forest clearing, buffer establishment and standards, conservation areas, natural resource-oriented activities, and lot line reconfiguration; amending the Catalog of Limited Development Areas of Talbot County, Maryland (The "Catalog") (specifically, Limited Development Area Map 58); and, authorizing submission of an application to the Commission pursuant to Talbot County Code Section 190-15.3.J. for the comprehensive review and reclassification of twenty-nine (29) parcels or portions of parcels, totaling 35.35 acres, from Resource Conservation Area (RCA) designation to Limited Development Area (LDA) as shown in the catalog.

This bill was heard and approved by the Critical Area Commission on August 7, 2019. 


Zoning Maps

Bill 1376 which modified certain village zoning boundaries became effective on February 10, 2018. Twenty nine parcels or portions of parcels as listed on the RCA to LDA table and shown on the following tax maps are pending Critical Area Commission approval. Tax Map 14, Tax Map 16, Tax Map 22, Tax Map 24, Tax Map 31, Tax Map 40, Tax Map 41.

Below are the zoning maps associated with Bill 1402.

Village Zonings

Bar Neck (VH) & Fairbank (VR) TM 44, TM 51

Bellevue (VH) TM 46, TM 47

Bozman (VH) TM 31

Bruceville (VR) TM 55, TM 56

Claiborne (VR) TM 14

Copperville (VR) & Tunis Mills (VR) TM 16, TM 24

Cordova (VM) TM 5, TM 6, TM 11, TM 12

Ivytown (VR) TM 43, TM 49

Longwoods (VR) TM 10

McDaniel (VH) TM 14, TM 22

Neavitt (VR) TM 39, TM 45

Newcomb (VH) TM 32, TM 33, TM 40, TM 40a, TM 41

Royal Oak (VH) TM 40, TM 41

Sherwood (VR) TM 30

Skipton (VR) TM 4, TM 5

Tilghman (VM) TM 38, TM 44, TM 44a

Unionville (VR) TM 24

Williamsburg (VR) TM 42, TM 48

Wittman (VR) TM 22, TM 31

Wye Mills (VH) TM 1

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